Trilliant’s Commitment to Healthcare Providers

Since the creation of Trilliant Health, our “noble purpose” has never changed:

Trilliant believes that strong hospitals and healthcare providers are the lifeblood of vibrant communities. We are committed to making providers stronger through intelligent patient acquisition.

Because we were founded by healthcare executives, Trilliant has always understood that hospitals and healthcare providers are essential to our communities, and we regret that it took a global pandemic for most people to fully realize it.

We understand the short-term and long-term implications of the current environment, and we know that some day – hopefully soon – hospitals and healthcare providers will return to “normal”. We also know that “normal” is an environment that has fewer commercially insured patients, contentious payer relationships, and countless competitive threats, all of which result in razor-thin operating margins.

When your health system is forced to “make up for lost time” for the sacrifices that your heroic providers have made to navigate through the pandemic, my commitment to you is that Trilliant will be ready and willing to provide you with data-driven strategic decision support to help you navigate the “new normal”. As you stand ready to serve your communities, we stand ready to serve you.

With gratitude,


Hal Andrews
President and CEO